Alex Raeva and Alexander Zhekov are godparents of Maria Ignatova and Ivaylo Tsvetkov – Noisy

Maria Ignatova and Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy got married in the village of Jiten. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Maria Ignatova’s closest friend – Alex Raeva, became her best man at the wedding of the popular journalist and commentator Ivaylo Tsvetkov – Noisy. The young family chose the journalist Alexander Zhekov, who was once the head of the “Revitalization” department in the “24 Chasa” newspaper, as a godfather. The two have been friends since their school years at NGDEK, or as it is known – the Classical High School.

Maria Ignatova, who was the host of some of the most popular TV shows such as “Masters of the Air”, “X Factor” and “Paparazzi”, and Ivaylo Tsvetkov – Noisy chose to get married in a very close family circle in the village of Zhiten. The groom put a classic gold ring on the bride’s hand. And his on – black tungsten. “Because I’m rock’n’roll,” Noisy said.

The news of the happy event was announced by Maria herself, who posted several photos on her Instagram account.

Dozens of congratulations appeared under the post in just a few minutes. Everyone in the Halvadjian family hurried to greet their colleague from the “Masters”, and the funniest was Bebo. Maggie Halvadjian’s son wrote in his typical style under the wedding photos of the couple “Well, this is escalating fast!”. Romina Andonova, Albena Mihova also greeted the newlyweds.

Although Maria and Ivaylo do not reveal the date on which they got engaged, the wedding was probably on Maria Ignatova’s birthday – September 26. This was suggested by a post on the social networks of the godmother Alex Raeva, who wrote in her congratulatory message to her friend: “Today is a special day and not only because you were born.”


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