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Alena’s horoscope: Gemini prone to stubborn criticism, Crabs to defend their interests without aggression


On the weekend at work, success is not with you, because of a lack of clarity about what you want and expect from yourself. Do not make appointments or business conversations because you are reluctant to communicate and you risk failing. Review the terms already agreed. Carefully format the financial documents. Arrange your accounting records because you may be surprised by a tax audit. Throughout the day you have the opportunity to prove your feelings. Do not ignore your loved one. Do not deny your partner sexual experiences.


Decide if the changes on this weekend are in your favor. Unexpected and incorrect actions on the part of your colleagues are the reason for complicating your relations with them, but also with your bosses. You better keep quiet about anything they tell you, even if they have no right to touch you! Don’t go on the road. An unforgettable romantic meeting awaits you in the afternoon. Unmarried women will make a new acquaintance, which may be the desired love. Your sexual contacts should be carefully considered to save yourself from diseases of the genital system and infections.


Avoid criticism and analyze your own behavior, since you have been uncommunicative and prone to stubborn criticism since the morning of the weekend. Only in this way will you save yourself the quarrels caused by the reluctance to admit the mistakes that you are obliged to correct. Your ideas will find support if you present them tactfully for discussion and are not too insistent. Do not give up the pleasant romantic moments that have prepared your loved ones. Give them all your love. Sex will give you mutual pleasure. To keep calm, turn off your phones and indulge your feelings.


Communication and conversations with management are difficult, regardless of your desire to hold them on the weekend. Analyze and realize the mistakes made – yours and those of your colleagues and eliminate at least yours, so that you do not suffer punishment. Protect your interests without showing aggression. Many of you will be dissatisfied with what you have achieved professionally. Your attempts to win the heart of a charming man will be in vain. Do not try to attract him with gifts, and if he pays attention to you, do not rush to indulge in intimate moments.


In the morning on the weekend you enjoy unexpectedly high incomes for long-done work, and the money received late is a guarantee for another excellent result, which is a good assessment of your professional capabilities. Haste is forbidden. If you are in a hurry, you can ruin your authority. Business talks are successful. Your intimate partners have drifted apart because of suspicions that you are cheating on them. Do not try to get along in bed, because even if sexual contact occurs, it will not fix your relationship.


For new acquaintances on this weekend, do not miss your chance to create useful business partnerships. Emotion prevents you from perceiving conversations correctly at work. It is in your best interest to prepare for serious changes in your personal life, not related to your spouse, which may affect your professional plans. You are filled with a desire to be loved. Unfortunately, you have not proven to your intimate partners that you share their feelings. If you have a desire for sexual pleasures, but your intimate partner is distant, do not insist.


Analyze what has been achieved. The day is a holiday and is unfavorable for business trips and signing contracts. Your plans will go awry because of an unexpected urgent meeting with influential people, but success is still with you. Do not take on tasks that are difficult to perform because they are not within your competence and block your direct duties. You have been jealous since morning. Doubts in the fidelity of your loved ones. You will achieve nothing with suspicion. After the quarrels during the day, do not expect to have pleasant intimate experiences.


Avoid trying to distract your enemies from your career despite the day off. Analyzing the behavior of your colleagues who oppose you, but also your own, will only benefit you. Unexpected and undeserved aggression of people from your business environment is possible. Be careful at work. Conflict is brewing in your family. You have cheated and you have been exposed. You will find it difficult to justify your actions. Not with aggression. Sex with your spouse will remain only in your dreams. Don’t go for it.


If you are engaged in trade, do not engage in active work on this weekend, so as not to be deceived with goods from partners or suppliers. Realize that if you suffer losses, you should not expect a quick recovery, so try to avoid them. You are successful in the financial field. Travel is successful if you are careful behind the wheel. The stars protect you from unexpected problems in your personal life. You have moved away from your loved ones. Try to create a romantic atmosphere and restore your partner’s desire for sexual pleasure.


Be careful in the company of little known people. The day is a holiday and is unfavorable for trade, business trips and deals. In the workplace, success is with you. Correctness in dealing with people will protect you from trouble and win their trust. Do not start a new activity if you have not considered everything in detail. You are tired all day and have no desire to have fun with your loved ones. Don’t miss the romantic moments because you will regret it. No matter how tired you are, sex will give you new strength and will leave an unforgettable mark on you.


Be prepared for attempted financial fraud, which can be fatal to your stability if you allow it on the weekend. Don’t spend your money. Do not rush and do not allow aggressive actions to prove your rightness. Solve your most important problems related to signing contracts. Many of you will feel the urge to create. Stay at home in the evening and calm down after a busy day. In your relationship with your loved one, refrain from expressing your emotions. Married women will experience unforgettable sexual pleasures. Do not cheat! Single people should be careful during sexual intercourse due to susceptibility to infections.


Refrain from business contacts on the weekend because you are prone to quarrels. You create your own problems. Finish what you started to avoid criticism from your superiors. It is difficult for you to control the emotion. Your trip reflects well and has a relaxing effect on you, whether it is a business or a personal visit. Failures during the day will affect your relationships in the family and with your loved ones. You risk moving them away from you. In the evening, try to create unforgettable moments and indulge in sexual pleasures to get closer again.

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