AKBP M Suspected of Raping ABG, Kompolnas: Sanctions Will Be Enlarged If Proven


A police officer from the South Sulawesi (Sulsel) Regional Police was arrested on suspicion of rape and make ABG daughters as sex slaves. Kompolnas checks the news that the officer with the initials AKBP M made female teenage girls into sex slaves.

“We don’t know about this yet. We will first check with the South Sulawesi Regional Police,” Commissioner Kompolnas Poengky Indarti told reporters, Tuesday (1/3/2022).

Kompol appreciates the fast steps of the South Sulawesi Police to process this alleged rape case. If AKBP M is found guilty, then there are a number of sanctions that threaten him.

“From this news, it is appropriate if the Propam Bid swiftly handles this case. If the perpetrator is later proven to have committed a crime, then in addition to being ethically processed with dismissal, the criminal process must also be processed,” said Poengky.

In addition, according to Kompolnas, AKBP M can be charged with the Child Protection Act if proven guilty and the threat can be increased.

“Especially if the victim is still a child, then the person concerned must be subject to a violation of the Child Protection Law and needs to be subject to a heavier penalty,” he added.

South Sulawesi Police Officer Arrested

South Sulawesi Regional Police Officer AKBP M suspected of raping a teenage girl and making her a sex slave was arrested. AKBP M was immediately examined by the South Sulawesi Police Propam.

“Immediately secured to Propam,” said Head of Public Relations of the South Sulawesi Regional Police Kombes Komang Suartana, quoted from secondsSulselTuesday (1/3).

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