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Airplane flies 4 hours early, 29 passengers are stranded and angry


29 passengers Scoots airline stranded at Indian airport. Because of this, the plane took off 4 hours earlier than scheduled. They also went berserk.

This incident occurred at Amritsar airport, India. Aircraft Scoot Airlines with flight number TR509, is scheduled to fly from Amritsar with the final destination to Changi airport in Singapore on Wednesday (18/1), at 19.55 local time.

However, unbeknownst to the 29 passengers, Scoot did this reschedule aka schedule changes. The Scoot plane took off 4 hours earlier than the scheduled time, which is around 15.55 local time.

After investigating, it seems that Scoot airline has made an announcement about reschedule the. However, one of the travel agents did not continue the announcement.

As a result, there were 29 passengers who arrived according to the previous schedule reschedule, which is at 19.55 local time. Of course they had left the plane, because the plane had take off four hours ago.

Confirmed by Mothership media, Scoot Airlines justify the incident. According to Scoot, the mistake was clearly on the part of the travel agent, not the airline because 3 days before departure, Scoot had said there would be reschedule.

All passengers on the flight will receive notification via email and SMS according to the contact listed. However, there were 29 passengers who did not get the announcement.

The 29 passengers who were stranded went on a rampage at the airport and complained to the airport authorities. The Directorate of Civil Aviation of India also intervened to overcome the problem.

Affected passengers will be given a refund option and also transfer to another available schedule. Scoot airline also apologized for the incident.

“Scoot sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused,” a spokesperson said Scoot Airlinesas quoted from Mothership, Friday (27/1/2023).

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