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Ageless Beauty and Healthy Living: Insights from Laima Vaikule

“Everything is simple – a woman is as old as she looks, a man as old as he feels. There is no need for plastic for this, nowadays cosmetics have come a long way, there are all kinds of Korean procedures with collagen injections. In addition, people are living longer these days. Once upon a time, 50 years seemed to be everything, amen, but now in their 70s, people actively ride boats, travel, and enjoy life,” Laima declares.

Talking about food, Laima emphasizes that the tastiest food is here in Latvia, because there is still something natural left.

The musician doesn’t like to eat, so it’s easier for her to maintain a slim figure, it’s a pain to eat a sandwich in the morning. On concert days, she eats breakfast and does not touch food for the rest of the day.

“I have never eaten McDonald’s in my life, it is not my food. The main thing is not to mix all sorts of sauces with the food,” says Laima.

The singer does not hide that she has followed diets. The most memorable is the 15-day diet, when only water was drunk. After the third day it doesn’t matter, you don’t want to eat more, you won’t climb to the fifth floor without stopping, on the 15th day you can only stand against the wall, but in this way you can lose 10 kilograms of weight.

Women can endure anything to look good. It is essential to hear yourself when things are bad, to understand why it is bad. You have to see a doctor, until you find out why it’s bad, you can’t expect it to go away on its own. Once a year, people should be properly examined in order to catch serious diseases in time,” says Lyma.

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