Again problems with the S-Bahn – Breisach

Failures and delays.

Again there were train cancellations and delays in rail traffic on the east-west axis of the Breisgau S-Bahn on Wednesday morning. According to the Deutsche Bahn, the train coming from Villingen, which was supposed to continue to Freiburg in Neustadt at 6:23 a.m., was late. That is why the return train leaving Freiburg at 7.13 a.m. ran into problems on the largely single-track line and had to wait several times for two-track meeting points. Because of the delay that was built up, this train in Titisee did not continue to Neustadt in order to return directly from Titisee to Freiburg and Breisach with a few minutes delay. There were also problems at the Kaiserstuhl. The train leaving Freiburg to Breisach at 7.17 a.m. was canceled, and with it its return journey from 7.49 a.m. This also affected those switching from the S 12 coming from Endingen, who wanted to continue in Gottenheim at 7.30 a.m. to Breisach or at 8 a.m. to Freiburg. They had to wait around half an hour for the next connection. As a justification, the train reported delayed train availability in announcements and via app.

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