Pro Jokowi politician defends Najwa Shihab who volunteers to report to the police


Action groups of self-styled peopleJokowi Volunteers United‘tattle Najwa Shihab to the police they were attacked. Pro politicians Jokowi many defended Najwa.

As is well known, Jokowi’s United Volunteers questioned Najwa Shihab’s action of interviewing ’empty seats’ who were seen as the Minister of Health. Terawan Agus Putranto in the ‘Najwa Eyes’ program. They then went to Polda Metro Jaya to politicize Najwa.

However, their report was denied. The police directed the Chairman of Unified Jokowi Volunteers, Silvia Devi Soembarto, to report to the Press Council because Najwa Shihab is a journalist, which is protected by the Press Law.

Politicians from political parties supporting President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) also spoke up. They considered that reporting was unnecessary.

Here’s the summary:


Member of the DPR RI from the PKB faction, Abdul Kadir Karding, said that Najwa’s action in interviewing empty seats was a form of press creativity. In private, Karding considered Najwa’s actions to be within reasonable limits. He didn’t question it.

“Regarding what Mbak Najwa did, in my opinion, personally, it is still within the boundaries of part of press activities, which still comply with the rules and code of ethics of the press. Although of course, we will submit the final results to the Press Council’s assessment such as what, “Karding said.


Chairman of Commission I DPR from the Golkar faction Meutya Hafid spoke about the reporting efforts made by Jokowi’s United Volunteers on Najwa Shihab. Meutya considered the reporting as an act of insufficient work.

Meutya also considered that volunteers did not need to bring Jokowi’s name when they wanted to report Najwa Shihab. He encouraged volunteers to use their personal names.

“I was also part of Pak Jokowi’s National Campaign Team during the campaign period. So I don’t think I will bring up Pak Jokowi’s name in this matter. If you really want to report to the Press Council, please personally,” said Meutya.


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