[POPULER GLOBAL] Men Beat His Wife to Death at Their Wedding Party | Singapore Offers Bonuses to Increase the Number of Child Births Amid Pandemic Page all

KOMPAS.com – The most popular news today comes from Siberia, where a groom beat his wife, the bride at their wedding, to death.

In addition, the second popular news was news from Singapore which offered bonuses to those who wanted to increase the number of child births amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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1. Jealous, this man beat his wife to death at their wedding

A bride in Russia tortured his wife to death at their wedding, where jealousy was believed to be the cause.

Stepan Dolgikh was immediately arrested for the crimes committed against his wife, Oksana Poludentseva, on their happy day in the Siberian village of Prokudskoye.

Poludentseva first got to know Dolgikh when he was in prison, which the 36-year-old believes he can change him for the better.

Witnesses said the torture occurred when the groom became “jealous” of one of the guests at their alcohol-filled wedding.

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Also read: Jealous, this man beat his wife to death at their wedding

2.Singapore Offers a Bonus to Increase the Number of Child Births Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Singapore is offering a one-time payment to encourage its citizens to have children amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Local authorities are concerned that their citizens are delaying having children due to problems related to financial pressure and layoffs.

Details of the amount the state will pay have not been released so far. This policy is in addition to the significant financial bonuses the government has offered for child birth.

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3. Profit Big, This Company Prizes 4,116 New Car Workers

Steel producers in China caused an international scene by giving 4,116 workers a new car as a bonus.

The company gives the bonus because the profit the company gets exceeds the target for five consecutive years Oddity Central.

On October 1, Jiangxi West Dajiu Iron & Steel Corporation celebrated its success and rewarded employees for contributing to its annual growth.

The company reported increasing profits over the last five years. Therefore, the management of the company would like to thank its employees in a special way.

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4. Spicy, Michelle Obama attacks Trump and calls him “racist”

Former First Lady of the United States (US) Michelle Obama launched a scathing attack on US President Donald Trump, calling him “racist”.

Michelle also called Trump “not up to his job” and called on the US people to make wise choices in the upcoming elections.

The spicy attack on the wife of former US President Barack Obama was launched on Tuesday (6/10/2020) through a 24-minute video. The Hindustan Times.

Through the video, Michelle promoted Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and stated that the US is in turmoil and voters must know what is at stake.

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Also read: Spicy, Michelle Obama attacked Trump and called him racist


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