After the launch of “iPhone 12”, the new versions of “iPhone 11” will not include the charger and the headphone

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iPhone 11 Available for sale on the Apple store until another logo or until it comes off iPhone 12For stores, as Apple announced, on Tuesday, its new iPhone 12 phones, and its audience was shocked that the new versions would not include the charger or earphones, knowing that these original parts are not cheap, and the contents of the box will be limited to a cable from USB-C to Lightning, and it seems that it will be part From its policy for the coming years even with older phones.

As part of this policy, iPhone 11, the previous version of iPhone phones, when you buy any version now from the Apple website, will also not include the charger or earphones in the contents of the box, and will only include a USB-C to Lightning cable, and a small guide for instructions.

And Apple announced that this policy is part of the company’s ongoing environmental goals, a change that reflects the company’s move earlier this year to reduce carbon emissions further and use valuable materials, and to allow 70 percent more funds to be shipped, and these changes reduce more than two million tons. Metric tons of carbon emissions per year, equivalent to removing nearly 450,000 cars from the road annually.

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