After Natalia Rusli’s Arrest, These 5 Claims Were Made


Lawyer Natalia Rusli surrendered after being put on the wanted list (DPO) for suspected fraud cases. He also conveyed several things from his side regarding the case.

Natalia Rusli was previously named as a DPO in cases of fraud and embezzlement. The determination of Natalia Rusli as DPO will be carried out in 2022 with number DPO/132/XII/2022/Res Jb.

In this case, Natalia Rusli was charged with fraud and embezzlement. He is said to have deceived the victim who made him the attorney to sue the Indosurya Cooperative.

West Jakarta Police Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Andri Kurniawan said Natalia Rusli had surrendered to the West Jakarta Metro Police, not being arrested as is widely spread on social media.

“So it’s true that the person concerned surrendered. So he wasn’t arrested. He came, he knew he was a DPO but he came to surrender, that person is concerned,” said West Jakarta Police Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Andri Kurniawan to detikcomFriday (24/3).

Andri said Natalia turned herself in on Tuesday (21/3) night after four months as a DPO. His party immediately conducted an examination and detention of Natalia.

“Tuesday night, he came and immediately surrendered to the police station, then he was immediately received by investigators,” he said.

Natalia Rusli was immediately examined after escaping. The police immediately arrested him.

“We detained and examined according to SOP. Now those concerned have been detained,” he continued.

Following are some of Natalia Rusli’s claims regarding her case:

1) Never Try To Escape

Natalia said she never tried to run away even though she was named a DPO. He said he had to take care of his sick mother for four months while the police were looking for him.

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“I previously said that I would follow this legal process. Now I have committed myself to West Jakarta (Polres). Why was I absent for three to four months? I took care of my mother who was being treated in the ICU because I was the only child. My mother three weeks ago he passed away,” said Natalia through her lawyer, Farlin Marta, to detikcom, Saturday (25/3/2023).

Farlin said Natalia would be cooperative during the legal process. He was also ready to provide evidence that his accusations of embezzling money from his former client were wrong.

“And I want to follow the legal process again. Because I want to prove who is right and who is wrong,” he said.

2) Advocates Not Convicted While On Duty

Natalia also brought up her status as a lawyer. He considered that the status of a lawyer made him unable to be convicted.

“Keep in mind that I am a legal advocate protected by the Advocate Law and have immunity as an advocate in carrying out my duties and cannot be criminalized,” he said.

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