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SoSIM and 3 International Universal Card (also known as 3 Universal Card) are both popular stored-value cards on the market known for their value-added services. They also use 3hk’s 4G network and also provide 42Mbps data services. I believe that everyone may be curious about whether there is any difference in the actual network performance of the two calling cards, or whether there is a hidden difference in priority, so Man decided to find out the real answer through real tests. The previous article featured SmarTone’s ValueGB vs. 3hk’s SoSIM, and also selected two Thailand 5G SIM cards for you, which are also not to be missed.

Thanks to my friend Excel Chen for providing the SoSIM and taking charge of the test in this speed test, I would like to thank you.

test device

SoSIM vs 3hk (3).JPG

1. SoSIM installed on iPhone 11 (Hong Kong version), 3 international universal card installed on Nokia X10
2. The maximum download speed of the two prepaid cards is 42Mbps
3. Both phones support 4.5G network, 4CA or above multi-carrier aggregation technology

speed test results

SoSIM vs 3hk (4).JPG

1. All six speed tests were conducted on the same night
2. Covering outdoor, indoor, subway tunnel
3. Those with higher download and upload speeds are indicated in green

observations and conclusions

SoSIM vs 3hk (5).JPG
Summary: The performance of the two stored-value cards is similar, each has its own winners and losers, evenly divided, and there is no obvious difference between them

1. The average download, upload, and latency of the six tests are all slightly better than SoSIM, but there is little difference
2. During the test, the download speed of SoSIM and 3 Universal Card once exceeded the upper limit of 42Mbps specified by the telecommunications provider, and then dropped back to 42Mbps in a short period of time, which proves that the network provider strictly enforces the speed limit
3. The download speed of the two stored-value cards exceeds 42Mbps, but never exceeds 46Mbps. It can be seen that the two are set according to the same policy
4. However, there are only six network speed tests, which cannot fully reflect the quality of 3hk 4G network. Please measure the reference value of this article by yourself

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