“RC Toulon’s Triumph Over LOU Rugby Elicits Reaction From Pierre Mignoni”

This Saturday afternoon, the Rugby Club Toulonnais won on the lawn of LOU rugby on the occasion of the 21st day of the Top 14.

The director of rugby XV de la Rade, Pierre Mignoni spoke via Midi Olympique following this important victory won in Lyon.

The latter reminds us how important this victory is. Extract:

“She is doing good accounting, already. There are 5 games left, it was a pivotal match for both teams. Victory obviously does not ensure qualification, but it is important. »

He reveals the positive and negative points of this meeting against LOU. Extract:

“In the content, I saw interesting things even if, as a team, we gave them things a little too easily on errors of strategy, of discipline. I was afraid at one point that the match would change because of that. It didn’t play out much, with a few rebounds sometimes, we did well on two or three shots. Our victory is not undeserved, but Lyon could just as easily have scored one more try. This is also why we do not take the 3 points on the last penalty. It was too far away to risk a counterattack.

When you’re up against the best attack in the league, you know your defense is going to be put to the test. We needed solidarity, organization. I think we dominated the ground game battle, the bench also did us good. »

For the first time this season, the RCT joins the top 6. A real satisfaction for Pierre Mignoni. Extract:

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“Of course it is important. Every weekend there are surprises. You go into the six, you come out, you come back, and in the end it all comes down to a point. We all know that. Last year, compared to the classification 6 days from the end, only one team came out. Unfortunately, it was Lyon. No one is going to give up until the end, everything is called into question every weekend, that’s the beauty of this Top 14. Now, there will be a break from the European Cup to negotiate, we will see how each will handle it. At the end, I think whoever has the most injuries will suffer the consequences, like every season. »

To conclude, Pierre Mignoni spoke about his return to Gerland. Extract:

“I was very happy to come back, of course. I received a lot of messages, of support. Le Lou is a club that will always remain in my heart. When you’re on the field and you look up, you see all the projects we had launched that materialize. And when you see the team that is on the ground, it also values ​​the work of the current staff and my assistants at the time. All this has contributed to the fact that Lyon have become an important club since their rise to the Top 14.

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