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AFRICA! AFRICA! delights the audience in Carinthia. Several additional shows due to high demand!

Breathtaking premiere of AFRICA! AFRICA! in the circus tent at Messe West – with amazed guests of honor

Klagenfurt (OTS) After the impressive successes in Dornbirn, Linz and Innsbruck, the spectacular show Afrika! Africa! now also enchanted their audience in Klagenfurt. Due to the pandemic, fans of the show had to be patient for over four years to be able to experience the acrobatics event again. The grandiose performance, originally conceived by André Heller, returned with even more splendor and spectacle, and the enthusiasm of the many guests of honor knew no bounds.

Intercultural experience of superlatives

“AFRIKA! AFRIKA!” has been enchanting for over 20 years now. People of all ages. This lasting fascination was also confirmed on the premiere evening in Klagenfurt, when the audience expressed their enthusiasm for the fantastic evening with a standing ovation. “This show evokes emotions and reminds us of the importance of art as a universal language. In the midst of today’s world, ‘AFRIKA! AFRICA!’ a moment of wonder and shows the diversity and beauty of our neighboring continent“, says producer Walter Egle enthusiastically.

The performance offered the audience an unforgettable experience with breathtaking show numbers, fascinating African dances, inspiring videos and rousing live music. Over fifty highly talented artists from ten different countries, including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Egypt, South Africa, Ivory Coast, the United States and Europe, merged their cultural diversity and artistic expression in a rousing performance. Under the outstanding direction of Georges Momboye, who was involved in all productions as a dancer and choreographer from 2005 to 2014, they thrilled the audience with a program full of breathtaking and emotional moments. The show is in Klagenfurt until December 10th. to experience!

Enthusiastic guests of honor

Among the visitors there were also prominent personalities in the fully occupied tent to experience this special evening. Among others, there were painter Manfred Bockelmann with his wife, Klaus and Margot Graf with his family, lawyer Getraud Gürtler, Prince Orsini Rosenberg with Magda Hanau, the marketing director of the Velden Casino Karin Obkircher, Sandra Pires, Andrea Riedl, Iva Schell with daughter Viktoria, Gottfried Würcher from the “Nockis”, Marco Ventre and Babsi Koitz, ORF Kärnten director Karin Bernhard, Bettina Weniger-Assinger with daughter Fiona and friend, Burg Finkenstein owner Thomas Seitlinger with family, Huby Mayer from the “Fidelen Mölltalern”, TV producer Martin Ramusch and much more . to the enthusiastic guests.

Images of the event below Fotocredit: Dieter Wajand

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