Advisor to the President for the Seventh Day Television: Those who do not wear a mask will pay a fine

Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President for Health and Prevention Affairs, confirmed that the Corona virus is an infectious disease that spreads all over the world and created a global crisis, saying: “The virus still exists, and if Egypt has achieved good results in the past period, but in all cases it is still We have virus infections and there is an increase in cases of infection, and there are cases that need treatment and cases that need hospitalization. “

The President’s Adviser for Health and Prevention Affairs added during his meeting with the Seventh Day Television: “Any events, gatherings, or celebrations that do not adhere to preventive standards must be boycotted, because publishing any event that includes a crowd makes people say as long as the television publishes this, the situation has become stable in the Corona virus and this is a big mistake.” Noting that the government has announced that anyone who will not be obligated to wear the muzzle in public or government places or public transport will pay the fine, stressing that adherence to preventive measures, and prevention is a substitute for treatment and a substitute for staying at home and for the occurrence of health problems.

Awad Taj al-Din said: “The solution we have at the present time to reduce the spread of the disease is to follow preventive methods and to be keen on social distancing and the use of masks. We must all adhere to preventive measures because non-compliance means increasing cases of injuries and the occurrence of problems, precautionary measures are the only guaranteed way to reduce Spread of disease. “



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