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Addressing the Challenges of Dealing with Drunk Grandmas in Families

Article: Dealing with the “Drunk Grandma” Problem in Families

Dealing with the “Drunk Grandma” Problem in Families


Having a “Drunk Grandma” problem in families is an issue that many individuals can relate to. In these situations, grandmas who have a tendency to drink excessively often end up interacting with their grandkids in unkind ways. This can strain the relationships and create distress in the family. In this article, we will discuss some possible methods to help families protect their kids better from their Drunk Grandmas.

Understanding the Challenge

In many cases, families tend to resign themselves to the idea that exposing their kids to a very drunk and sometimes mean grandparent during holidays and birthdays is somehow acceptable. This situation often arises due to the tension between loving someone who doesn’t perceive their behavior as a problem and the challenge of dealing with alcohol abuse.

Discuss the Issue with the Family

If you find yourself in a similar situation, where your family is dealing with a Drunk Grandma problem, it is crucial to open up a conversation with your family members. Express your concerns about how she treats the grandchildren, even when she is sober. Highlight the importance of taking action and address the issue directly.

Be a Buffer and Confront Directly

To protect the children and create a better experience during family gatherings, you can take an active role in the situation. Act as a buffer between your Drunk Grandma and the kids, redirecting their attention to games or other activities when she starts behaving unkindly. When you witness her mistreating the children, confront her directly, pointing out her behavior and the impact it has on the kids.

Consider Alternatives for Busy Young Families

While it can be challenging for busy young families to attend Al-Anon meetings, they can explore alternative methods to cope with the situation. Seek support from support groups, therapists, or other professionals familiar with alcohol abuse issues. These experts can help families navigate the impact of alcohol addiction on the children and offer strategies to protect them.

Choosing a Path for Your Own Family

If you plan to have children of your own and are concerned about their exposure to your Drunk Grandma’s behavior, it’s within your rights to make decisions that prioritize their well-being. Consider avoiding gatherings that may lead to her intoxicated outbursts to spare your children from a potentially distressing environment.


Dealing with a Drunk Grandma problem is undoubtedly a challenging situation. By communicating your concerns with your family, being a buffer, and seeking alternative methods to cope, it may be possible to protect the children from the negative effects of alcohol abuse. Remember, you have the right to make choices that prioritize the well-being of your own family.

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