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Actress Taisiya-Oksana Shchuruk Shares Unpleasant Incident with Polish Girl While in England

The star of the series about the school “First Swallows” Taisiya-Oksana Shchuruk spoke about an unpleasant incident with a Polish girl that happened to her in England.

After the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the actress Taisiya-Oksana Shchuruk, best known for her role as Katya Schastlivaya in the teenage drama series The First Swallows, left for England, where she managed to change many different jobs.

“This is a forced move,said 24-year-old actress in an interview with Alina Dorotyuk. – In England I heard a lot various things about events taking place in Ukraine.

For example, an employee of Shchuruk, a Pole, once said that Ukraine was allegedly the territory of Russia, so the Russians have the right to what they are doing now.

She said it to my face. And at I had such a motor inside that I thought now I’m fucking everyone here, – emotionally recalled the actress. – But I began to restrain myself very strongly and tell that Ukraine has never been part of Russia. It’s never been like that.”

According to Shchuruk, many Europeans are not familiar with our history at all, so sometimes terrible things can be said. In such cases, the actress tried to be loyal to those who simply do not understand what is happening. But in no case did she show (and does not show) loyalty to the Russians, as well as to the Ukrainians who speak Russian.

“If someone came up to me and spoke in Russian, for example, they asked for a lighter, then I immediately answered: “Goodbye”“, Shchuruk said.

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2023-09-06 12:33:53

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