Actor Lauris Dzelzitis reveals what qualities he wants to get rid of

Actor Lauris Dzelzitis has revealed in the channel’s 360 TV show “Evening on the Sofa” that he used to analyze too much.

In the show, Dzelzitis talked about his carpentry skills and practicality, revealing that he immediately saw the true quality of furniture and “inflated” prices in stores. Lauris is analyzing things very much and this often disturbs his life.

“I have to get rid of it. I can’t,” Lauris points out, revealing that this analysis doesn’t apply to other areas of life, such as women.

Lauris Dzelzitis is a Latvian actor. In 2002, he graduated from the 8th study of Daile Theater. Daile Theater actor since 1999.

He also obtained a carpenter’s diploma at Cēsis Vocational School 4.

She has starred in the film “Nameja’s Ring”, as well as starred in the series “Her Lies Better”, “The Destroyers of Fate” and “The Price of Madness”.

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