Influencer Beth Finally broke her sacrum and is on bed rest

A terrible situation happened with the popular influencer Beta Beidz, aka Beata Bērziņa – during the second Christmas lights in Grīziņkalna, the 26-year-old lady broke her sacrum or, as she says herself, broke her back. Since then, she has been recovering at home on bed rest.

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For the second month now, Beth has not gone out to people at all and basically lives on the bed and the couch, besides lying on her side. Lying in bed, the influencer reflected on her life and believes that she could have caused the serious injury herself, that is, she thought throughout December that she no longer wanted to work, did not want to meet friends, did not want to see anyone. The late evening of December 26 made it so.

Beate has released a video in which she explains what really happened to her. It turns out that on December 26, she and a friend went to Grīziņkalna to slide down the mountain with the so-called underfoot. The mountain was not covered with snow so much as it was covered with ice, and one descent ended badly for the influencer – she hit an ice block. She suffered a lot of pain, but got up and went to the car to go to the trauma center.

At the hospital, she was diagnosed with a fractured coccyx, confirmed by an x-ray company. Such an injury heals for more than a month, and during this time you should not sit, only sleep. She takes painkillers and has started having problems from asymmetrical sitting.

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Beth finally went to another doctor, who found that the fracture was not the coccyx, but the sacrum, which is even more serious and requires treatment for at least 12 weeks. “Breaking the sacrum is very difficult, it is usually broken by women who have weaker bones,” the influencer says in the video message.

Beth has spent the entire year so far on bed at home and sees the lifestyle benefits in it: “I haven’t gone drinking or smoking weed. I think that’s very healthy,” says Beth candidly.

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