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Acting President Pedro Sanchez Calls for Knowledge of History and Commemoration of Civil War Victims

“We are still late, but we need to know History. It will no longer be possible for children to tell us that in class ‘we have not reached the Civil War.'” This was stated this Monday by the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezin tribute to all the victims of the military coup, the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship that has been organized since last year by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Cortes and Democratic Memory to commemorate its star law.

The impact in the classrooms of the Democratic Memory Law is not included in the text of the norm, which only refers to “promoting knowledge of democratic stages” but, in the words of Sánchez, it should also serve to end “he unfair and clandestine story“what the dictatorship and its coup d’état entailed on the Government of the Republic. “When I don’t remember, you remember,” he said, quoting Cernuda.

The act of vindication, which filled the Chamber Hall of the National Auditorium to the brim, has also brought together 15 ministers of the coalition government, in addition to the president of Congress, Francina Armengoland the Senate, Pedro Rollan, who was also the only representative of the PP. According to government sources, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, José Luis Martínez Almeida and Isabel Díaz Ayuso rejected the invitation.

[Moncloa pretende celebrar la investidura de Sánchez los días 7 y 8 de noviembre]

Sánchez took advantage of the event to announce the creation of a DNA bank with “that facilitates searches and genetic identification” of the remains of mass graves. The measure, present in some autonomous communities and in countries such as Chile or Argentina, already appeared in the draft of the law at the national level.

This Monday’s event, called Memory is Democracy, repeated the previous format to deliver twenty statements of reparation and personal recognition to the victims’ families during the day of remembrance, set for October 31. This year, however, it has been brought forward one day because on Tuesday the oath of Princess Leonor’s Constitution is celebrated in the Congress of Deputies.

During the event, the Government granted, led by Pedro Sánchez and Félix Bolaños, declarations of reparation to victims and relatives such as the unionist brothers Deza García, the lawyer Cristina Almeida, the activist Manolita Chen or the management of CCOO condemned by the Process 1001. In the words of Bolaños, “the objective is to accompany the victims who have built democracy: to be next to truth, reparation and justice“.

The closing of the event was carried out by the singer Rozalén and Joan Manuel Serrat, bringing the audience to its feet upon arrival on stage. “It is an extremely exciting day, I make the president’s words my own,” they said before performing a version of for freedomby Miguel Hernandez.

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