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Response from Toyota regarding cheap prices of Chinese cars in Indonesia


It is said that the cheap prices of Chinese cars in Indonesia are because manufacturers do not make big profits. What did Toyota say in response to this?

It’s no secret that the Indonesian automotive market is dominated by Japanese brand cars. Having been on the roads in Indonesia for decades, there is probably no need to doubt the quality of Japanese cars.

However, in the last five years, Chinese car manufacturers have begun to ‘invade’ Indonesia. The options provided by the Chinese car manufacturer are in line with the wishes of the Indonesian people who want cars at pocket-friendly prices.

Chinese manufacturers fulfill this desire by presenting cars at more affordable prices. Even though the price is more affordable, the technology included is no less sophisticated than Japanese cars which are priced higher. Regarding the cheap prices of Chinese cars, Vice President of PT Chery Sales Indonesia Harry Kamora said that other manufacturers make too big a profit when selling in Indonesia.

“So the price of our product is the real figure. How can anyone selling want to make a loss? But when I’m asked, (I answer) it’s just other producers who (take) too much profit,” said Harry recently.

Responding to this, Toyota as one of the automotive manufacturers involved in Indonesia has its own assessment. For Toyota, car pricing is not random and prices are relative. Even at that price, there is quality that has been tested and there is no longer any need for Indonesian consumers to doubt it.

“This is a competition, right? everybody can say everythingbut back again the proof is yes and we feel that we adjust the prices we apply product quality and needs, otherwise it would be impossible for Toyota to be number 1 with a market share of more than 30%,” said PT Toyota Astra Motor Marketing Director Anton Jimmi Suwandy when met at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo.

Anton further added that regarding price determination, there are negotiations that must be carried out regarding company policy. Plus, at Toyota consumers will get various conveniences in maintaining their car.

“It’s not the price, oh it’s this price, we have to negotiate to sell this volume, the price has to be this much and we have to be careful, what’s the price of the car? What’s the price of the car? The price of the car is what’s in it. We have a branch of 300 mechanics who experience, spare part available, free service and resale value “That’s the case, so it’s not comparable if you just talk about seeing iron against iron, you know,” added Anton.

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