A strange specimen of black rhinoceros is born in a US zoo. on Christmas’ Eve

(CNN) – It’s a boy! A zoo in Michigan celebrates its latest addition: a black rhino baby.

Doppsee, 12, gave birth to the rhinoceros yet to be named at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing at dawn on Tuesday. The young and the mother are fine and have a good bond, according to the zoo.

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“As this is Doppsee’s first pregnancy, animal care staff and veterinarian will continue to monitor Doppsee and its young closely in the coming weeks,” said Ronan Eustace, a park veterinarian, in a press release.

“But so far, rhinoceros breeding seems healthy and we have observed frequent breastfeeding shortly after birth, which is encouraging.”

Black rhinos are listed as critically endangered species due to poaching and the loss of their habitat. In 1970, its population was approximately 65,000 animals, according to Save The Rhino. Today, the population of the black rhinoceros is around 5,500, roughly double its population 20 years ago, wildlife groups say.

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The baby’s father, Phineus, was transferred to Potter Park from the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas, in 2017. Phineus and Doppsee were reproduced through the Eastern Black Rhino Species Survival Plan (SSP).

“This is a monumental moment for the Potter Park Zoo that has taken our staff years of planning and hard work,” Cynthia Wagner Park Director said in a press release.

There are just over 50 black rhinos in charge of zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums; Only two black rhino calves are born in zoos every year, according to Potter Park.

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“We are dedicated to the conservation of rhinos and we couldn’t be more excited about this successful birth of the black rhinoceros,” said Wagner.

The mother and her baby will be out of public view for the next few months, but the zoo will post updates to social media accounts.



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