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“El Costeño” receives threats by joke from AMLO

Javier Carranza, who is known in the entertainment world for his character from The Costeño, became a trend in social networks, after making comments on the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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And it is that through networks a video was broadcast in which the comedian appeared mocking the president and his political party, Brunette.

In the original video, which was published in May this year on the channel of Youtube The Circus News, appears The Costeño giving a Show in the Palenque of the National Fair of San Marcos, in the state of Aguascalientes, in which he said that among the attendees there were no people from Brunette because those who attended did pay to enter.

Then he told a joke about the president’s morning conferences.

The comments on social networks against the comedian do not stop, as there are those who applaud him and others who criticize him, make fun and even threaten him.

The Costeño did not remain silent and in his account Twitter has posted several messages in response.

He also assured that the jokes about AMLO They are not exclusive to him and he recalled some examples of politicians who not only did not bother about their jokes against them, but asked him to tell them.


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