A special two: a master of the chakras and a strict soldier

Even the colonel in the Prymul Reserve has in the past faced criticism for collecting tens of millions from his daughter’s company for allegedly not very provable consultations and clinical studies.

A special two: a master of the chakras and a strict soldier. What unites them? Undoubtedly they like money.

Meeting hotels

In 2018, Faltýnek entered the tender for the toll operator, which involved billions, without any mandate, and tried to persuade the head of the antitrust office, Petr Rafaj, to issue a decision in favor of the current operator, Kapsch.

Minister of Health Roman Prymula

Photo: Kateřina Šulová, ČTK

Detectives from NCOZ recorded by monitoring and eavesdropping on his two meetings on November 10, 2017 in Brno hotels. At the first, Faltýnek met at ten in the morning at the Holiday Inn Hotel with the CEO of the Czech branch of Kapsch, Karel Faix, whose company operated tolls at the time and wanted to continue.

According to the wiretaps, both men agreed that Faltýnek would arrange for Rafaj to influence the decision-making of the Office in favor of Kapsch.

An hour later, Faltýnek met Petr Rafaj at the Voroněž Hotel, where, according to the police, Kapsch explained his requests. “Faltýnek told Rafaj that what Kapsch wanted should be done,” the search warrant said.

According to police, Rafaj has taken steps in favor of Kapsch, suspecting both men of corruption and abuse of power, but has not yet accused them of anything.
According to detectives, the meeting between Faltýnek and the head of the Office was mediated by the former deputy mayor of the Brno-střed district and the current main defendant in the so-called Stoka case, Jiří Švachula.

When criminal investigators carried out house searches last March at the headquarters of the Office, at the residence of its boss Petr Rafaj and at the home of Faltýnka himself, they were suspected of manipulating a billion-dollar toll contract, according to the order for these searches.

During a search of Rafaj at home, police officers from the NCOZ found about two million crowns hidden. Rafaj did not sufficiently document the origin of the money, so they confiscated it and did not return it to him to this day. Money was also found in the safe in the apartment where Faltýnek lived in Prague, but Faltýnek defended himself by saying that it belonged to his partner.

Million revenue from Biovomed

Prymula, on the other hand, faced suspicions that, as the head of the Hradec Králové hospital, he had a conflict of interest when he received tens of millions from the pharmaceutical company Biovomed, whose sole agent was his daughter Karolína. He was to collect them for “lectures” and “clinical research”. The company was to work for companies from all over the world.

Critics warned that what he received the money for was never documented.

In connection with Faltynek’s affairs, Babiš stated several times that he should no longer run for YES vice-chairman, but because he was more skilful than a skilful backstage negotiator than a pure shield of the “anti-corruption movement”, he never cracked down on him. Just right now.

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