In Roubaix, police close a tea room that bypassed anti-Covid restrictions


–>A tea room was closed by the municipal police in Roubaix.

A tea room was closed by the municipal police in Roubaix. (©Needpix/Illustration)

Despite the numerous calls to order, the owner of this tea room risk it administrative closure. Friday 23 October 2020, in the Epeule district in Roubaix (North), the municipal police closed a tea room for non-compliance with a prefectural decree.

Customers only consumed drinks

The decree in question, dated October 9, conditions the activity of tea rooms to the sale of meals cooked on site. However, this was not the case with this Roubaix establishment which, obviously, had decided to maintain its activity despite repeated warnings from the police.

Friday morning, a municipal police patrol was therefore once again on site to verify that the owner was in order. The officials could only see that this was not the case. Upon their arrival, an individual immediately fled. “Several consumers were without masks and only consumed drinks (without meals)”, Roubaix municipal police reports on their Facebook page. Another rather confusing fact, no employee was present on site.

An administrative closure requested

Following this check, the owner of the tea room was summoned on site. “A ticket was issued and the establishment was closed immediately,” said the police. A procedure was opened by the Roubaix police station which, in addition to legal sanctions, is calling for the administrative closure of the establishment with the prefect of the North.

“Several establishments seeking to circumvent the prefectural decree are in the crosshairs”, warns the police.

In Roubaix, as in Tourcoing, the health situation is particularly serious. “The nVictor Provo hospital center is obliged to make transfers as the situation is tense”, remind the police. “It is not allowed to play with the health of clients. (…) We appeal to everyone’s responsibility! “.

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