A scholar was wounded by a hemorrhage and a fractured skull within a college in Riyadh, his mom tells the details

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A modest city exposed that her son experienced a skull fracture and intense inside bleeding inside an elementary school in the western sector of Riyadh.

He stated in a assertion to “Al-Marsad” that his son, “Osama Al-Ghamdi, was injured just after a person of the learners pushed him and fell on his head inside the college,” incorporating that his son had convulsions and blood flowed from his mouth.

He stressed that he took his son to King Salman bin Abdulaziz hospital in his automobile. Noting that he was transferred to Al-Shumaisi clinic, soon after they confirmed that he was in conflict and that big head surgical procedure was desired to fix the fracture and halt the bleeding.

He extra that the college student had beforehand assaulted his son.

He indicated that he experienced earlier filed a complaint with the college administration and that they have not taken any motion versus the university student.

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