A “Saudi” analyst responds and reveals the expected scenario to the daily Al-Marsad

Al-Marsad newspaper: a Saudi political analyst revealed his expectations on the scenario of the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

And he said during a video clip he posted on the “Tik Tok” application: “Promoting Russia’s defeat in Ukraine after the recent Ukrainian attacks on Russian forces, particularly in Kharkiv, are wrong expectations.”

He continued: “Ukraine has no air cover. Any war without air cover means wasting forces and taking hits.”

And he continued, Russia is putting pressure on Europe and is betting on divisions, it is also betting that Europe will eventually agree and that America cannot help the European party and will not be able to get victory over Russia.

He added, Russia will not be allowed to use nuclear weapons, and in return America and Europe will make concessions to end the war, noting that Russia is advancing and has tactics even if it takes losses.

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