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A “pro-Russian” party won the elections in one of the NATO countries

news-id-115112" style="display:inline;">The left-wing opposition party Kurs-Social Democracy (SMER) won the parliamentary elections in Slovakia. She received almost 23 percent of the votes, Tengrinews.kz reports with reference to Euronews.

Competitors from liberal Progressive Slovakia received about 18 percent. Its leader, Vice-President of the European Parliament Michal Simečka, called such results “bad news for the country.” Five more political associations exceeded the five percent threshold.

The victorious Course Social Democracy party, led by former Prime Minister Robert Fico, has been criticized for its populist and pro-Russian views.

Thus, if he came to power, Fico promised to stop providing military assistance to Ukraine. Given the election results, he is considered the most likely candidate for the new Slovak government. True, it will most likely be a coalition, since none of the parties managed to get the required majority of votes.

Fico stated that “people in Slovakia have bigger problems than Ukraine,” and his party “does not change its opinion regarding its readiness to help Ukraine in a humanitarian way.” “We are ready to help restore the state. But you know our opinion regarding weapons for Ukraine,” the politician said.

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