A new big scandal broke out in Europe over Crimea PHOTO

Another scandal over the disputed Crimean peninsula erupted after the presentation of the Euro 2024 logo. Yesterday, UEFA presented the official emblem of the championship, which will be held in Germany.

A map of Europe was also shown, showing the Black Sea peninsula within Ukraine’s borders. This once again provoked Russia’s angry reaction.

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As is known, Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 after a referendum of the local population. In Kiev, they do not recognize the move of the Russians and call the territory “illegally occupied.”

Before Euro 2020, a scandal over Crimea arose again this year, after the T-shirts of the national team of Ukraine for the championship depicted the outline of the country’s borders, and they also included Crimea.

Russia then protested to UEFA. From answered that this does not contradict the rules, as it depicts the territory of Ukraine, which is officially recognized by the UN.

There was also a scandal over Crimea during the Tokyo Olympics this summer. The organizers had cut the peninsula from the territory of Ukraine on the official website of the games. A sharp protest by the Ukrainian embassy ensued, and the Japanese government promised to conduct an inspection.



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