A mysterious disease targeting men in America.. is similar to Corona, but it is more deadly

I wrote – Hadeel Al-Banna

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 12:00 AM

New coverage presented by Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV, about the discovery by researchers at the American National Institutes in the United States of a rare disease that has existed for two years, but health experts did not pay attention to it as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus..

And researchers in the United States indicated that the new disease affects men primarily, and the disease affects one woman out of every 26,000 women over the age of fifty, but there was no interest in the disease known as “Vixas syndrome”, and it is called the mysterious disease, Noting that more than 15,000 American men have been injured so far.

And health authorities in the United States described the disease as a rare health disorder that leads to inflammation in the body, due to genetic mutations.

The researchers pointed out that all patients have a genetic mutation in a specific gene in their body..and this is the origin of the new disease, which has become known as the “enemy of men.”“.

Doctors emphasized that the disease occurs gradually in the body, and then it worsens and becomes fierce and fatal with the passage of time, and therefore it is not just a passing disorder, as people who have advanced in age become more susceptible to this disease..

As for the symptoms of infection, they are as follows.

1.body’s temperature raising.

2.Decreased blood cell count.


4.feeling itchy.

5. Cough.

6.Swelling and pain in the ear, nose and joints.

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7.Breathing difficulty.

8.feeling tired.


10 .Coagulation.

Doctors pointed out that this disease does not have suitable medicines to eliminate it so far, but there are medicines that relieve pain and symptoms, and they also warned of the similarity of the diagnosis of the disease, because its symptoms are similar to many other diseases such as itching and heat.

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