Highlights on Riko who killed Elisa because she was not charged with premeditated murder


The planning element behind the murder Elisa Siti Mulyani (21) by his ex-girlfriend Riko Arizka (23) has yet to be proven by Pandeglang Police investigators. Forensic Psychologist Reza Indra Giri also highlighted the possibility of an element of planning behind Riko’s actions.

Reza assessed that Riko’s information regarding the squat toilet ‘weapon’ used to kill Elisa was obtained at the murder scene, preventing Riko from being accused of premeditated murder. Because it means Riko didn’t make any preparations such as carrying dangerous tools before killing Elisa.

“Because the toilet was obtained at the scene of the incident, that actually prevented the perpetrator from being charged with Article 340 of the Criminal Code. Not avoiding it. The police explanation that the perpetrator used a piece of toilet at the location actually escaped the perpetrator from 340,” said Reza when contacted, Sunday (12/2/2023 ).

Even though the element of planning was not visible in Riko’s confession, Reza saw that there were still things that could exacerbate the threat of punishment against Riko. Namely, continued Reza, Riko’s actions in trying to cover up the murder and stealing personal belongings Elisa after killing.

“What is burdensome is not that aspect (Riko is a police child). That the perpetrator did not surrender to the police, but instead stole the victim’s belongings, that is what is burdensome,” he said.

Reza believes Riko’s actions which are triggered by uncontrollable anger are common in the context of murder cases. However, this is unusual because the “weapon” used to kill the victims was a squat toilet, which makes Riko’s actions seem extreme.

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“From the plot, there is nothing extraordinary. Anger, behavior out of control, the victim dies. The motive is emotional. The impression is indeed extreme, because the victim was hit using a toilet,” said Reza.

The Suspect Riko Family Plans to Hurt Elisa

Uncle Elisa, Razid, suspected that this murder was premeditated. The family believes there are irregularities behind the murder.

“Because we also saw indications that this motive was planned. Because it was impossible for the victim to arrive suddenly, the victim was invited to a place like that. Obviously we know the place is quiet at that hour,” Razid told reporters, Friday (10/2 ).

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