A monster and communist, Trump said in an interview with Harris. He described himself as a ‘perfect specimen’ | World

WASHINGTON US President Donald Trump has called Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris a monster. He did so in an interview with Fox News on Thursday, in which he also stated that his Democratic juice Joe Biden would not be able to be president for even two months. Trump said he had managed his coronavirus infection well because he was “the perfect example of fitness.”

The White House chief did not name Harris, but only spoke of the “monster that was on the podium with (Vice President) Mike Pence,” referring to Wednesday’s debate over the Vice Presidential candidates.

Trump’s statement contrasts sharply with Pence’s discussions during the debate – current Vice President Harris said he was honored to be on the same stage with her. At the same time, Pence called the candidacy of Harris, who is the first non-white candidate for a similarly high position, historic.

“She is a communist. She is not a socialist, she is far behind a socialist, “the president continued his attacks on Harris, who also accused the Democrat candidate of” opening borders and allowing assassins, murderers and rapists to flock to the country. “

Trump has been criticized by a number of media and NGO groups for being disrespectful and critical of women. He called his opponent from the campaign four years ago, Hillary Clinton, a “disgusting woman” during one of the debates, and dozens of charges of sexual offenses are also being directed at him.

At the same time, the president is attacking Harris harshly, among other things, because he believes that Biden, if elected, will quickly resign and hand over his powers to the vice president. “Biden would not have been president for two months. This is my opinion. It won’t last two months, “said Trump. “He’s not mentally capable of that,” he continued, lunging at the opponent’s mental abilities.

Coronavir lightening

Concerns about the ability to perform presidential duties have been surrounding in recent days, especially Trump, who spent several days in hospital after being infected with a coronavirus infection. However, the president is trying to dispel doubts and is trying to return to his normal schedule as soon as possible. He repeatedly downplays his infection, but the media say that there is not much information about his health and that doctors still have not commented on when the president last had a negative test for coronavirus.

“I was able to leave the hospital in one day,” Trump told Fox News, praising Regeneron’s experimental drug, which the doctors had given him, even though it was still in clinical trials. “I’m back because I’m a perfect example of fitness and I’m extremely young,” said the 74-year-old Republican, who is on the verge of overweight and obesity, according to his regular medical check-up this year.

Trump also suggested that he may have been infected with coronavirus from the families of soldiers who died in battle, whom he met on the last Sunday in September at the White House. “They want to hug me and they want to kiss me. And they will. And honestly, I’m not telling them to back off, “Trump said.

The president and his team have repeatedly been criticized for not following the advice of health authorities. According to photos from the event with the families of fallen veterans, it can be seen that the participants sat next to each other and only a few people wore a veil. Experts are urging Americans to avoid large gatherings and to wear protective masks in necessary contact with others.

Many experts also accuse Trump of worsening the state of the US pandemic by reducing the risks of covid-19. “And remember this, if you catch it (coronavirus), you will be healed. And then you’re immune, “Trump said on Thursday. CNN reminded that the US registers over 211,000 people who died after coronavirus infection.


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