Mouth masks are not necessary in home care. Why then in the supermarket?

People wonder like that if they are not virologist but not devoid of common sense either.


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The Outbreak Management Team (OMT), News Hour revealed Thursday evening, sees little in the combination of masks and home care. It should be assessed per client whether the use can be considered. RIVM already published one on 1 October rather cautious advice with the title Application of non-medical mouth-nose masks in public places. In this context, the motto of this institution is particularly relevant: The care for tomorrow starts today.

Of the media doctors and virologists, who give so many talk shows a predictable character, the following are in the OMT: Marc Bonten, Diederik Gommers, Jan Kluytmans, Marion Koopmans and Andreas Voss. I may have read about one. Regardless, these well-known experts cover this last advice with their authority. Otherwise they would have left with slamming doors.

You and I are not virologists but we do have our brains together. We can look and compare. We can think and draw conclusions. We have also probably seen someone from home care at work. They come over to old and / or weak people. Their work entails that they cannot maintain these five feet well. Once covid has arrived – or brought – it will hang all over the house.

Under such circumstances, according to the OMT of the great Diederik, you could possibly opt for a mouth mask or as they seem to call it mouth-nose masks in their bargains.

On the basis of brain use and the turning of our little understanding tool, you and I ask the following question: if home care workers in the environment of sick and weak go to the supermarket for our cup and – dixit the prime minister – everywhere you can’t see the sky? Why is it anti-social and dangerous to get up from the cafe table without a mask to take a piss? Who is cheating who now? Who are the doctors and who are the quacks? When does the number of infections exceed 10,000? What kind of bullshit is this?

People wonder like that if they are not virologist but not devoid of common sense either.

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