A great myth and common place about red wine has been dispelled

There are a lot of rumors and legends about wines. White cuts the legs, red is only for men. Not to mention the traminer “for women” or the red of the village uncle.

Understanding why this happens is simple. In Italy and throughout Southern Europe, wines are both very common and rooted in our culture. There does not seem to be an Italian family that does not have at least one member who does not drink wine.

So, all rumors are created, mixed, spread and reach us. One of the most widespread rumors is the classic pairing of red wine with meat and white wine with fish. This sum division is comparable to launching a rocket to kill a fly. Maybe yes, we hit the target well, but we unnecessarily destroy everything around us. Let’s see why. Here is a great myth and cliché about red wine dispelled.

Pinot noir and sea bass, excellent combination

The myth to dispel is clear: red wine, if it goes well with meat, does not go well with fish. We should already go and see which type of wine with which type of meat, since that constant is also wrong.

A very salty dish destroys the wine’s tannins and acidity. A lightly salty dish, always of meat, runs the risk of being completely disappeared from a full-bodied red.

We come to us: Pinot noir with sea bass, sea bass and sea bream suits us perfectly. It sounds incredible, but Pinot Noir is a wine with high acidity but low tannins. These low tannins ensure that the flavor of the fish is not affected, on the contrary. Its fruity aromas can contrast well with the lemon we put in cooking ours sea ​​bass. Here is a great myth and cliché about red wine dispelled.

If the reader found this article interesting, it is advisable to read this for a while combination of risotto and wine.

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