A giant sunspot that is twice the size of a sunspot is pointing right at Earth, this is the impact on our planet

DEPOK PR – A spots sun the giant had swelled in 24 hours to twice its size earthand is said to be pointing right at the planet we walk on.

Spots sun or the so-called AR3038, grows to 2.5 times its size earthso make spots sun approximately 19,800 miles or 31,900 kilometers from Sunday, June 19 to Monday evening, June 20, 2022.

So what impact spots sun giant with a size 2.5 times the size earth for the planet?

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Reported Pikiranrakyat-Depok.com from Space.com, spots sun is a dark spot on the surface sun with a strong magnetic field.

Spots sun created by the flow of electric charge from the plasma sun which binds before suddenly breaking.

Release energy The resulting bursts of radiation are called solar flares and produce solar flares called coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

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“Yesterday, spots sun Big AR3038. Today, very big. freckles sun the fast-growing ones doubled in size in just 24 hours,” said Spaceweather.com.

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