a defendant weakened by depression (Dinant)

Defense lawyers, Mes Gruslin and Bernes. It emerges from the survey that their client is genuine, and that she does not manipulate.

EdA – Florent Marot

On the second day of her trial, the accused, who killed her husband, was portrayed as depressed and anxious. The drama had to happen.

Love stories sometimes end in blood. For the accused Linda Weber, and the victim Richard Piron, this misfortune suddenly fell on the day of the lily of the valley, traditional lucky charm. What are the springs and the causes? Tuesday, four experts shared the morning to dismantle the coldly technical elements of this marital and family drama.

A pharmacist-toxicologist made the blood of the protagonists speak, and noted in Mr. 2.12 gr of alcohol per liter of blood, and 2.07 in the accused, 5:45 after the facts. What must be mixed with a cocktail of drugs, antidepressants, painkillers and anxiolytics, “To sedate, calm down and less dismay”. As already said, the couple is very soaked, oscillating between advanced drunkenness and drunkenness.

The whole family has a problematic relationship with alcohol, which is passed from father to son. We drink to feel good, to compensate for a lack, by need.

Forensic scientist François Beauthier found it easier, given the number of holes found on the victim’s body. A complexity opposed to a simple and avowed operating mode, like the cinema gives us water. Overwhelmed by anger after yet another argument, an abused woman discharged an entire barrel on her man. In Sorinnes, rue Taravisée, seven bullet trajectories fragmented, pierced the thorax and lung, and perforated a vein as vital as the aorta. Death was super fast.

Gunpowder and residue

Sign of significant violence, the coroner also observed on the body of the accused numerous traces of beatings, such as a recent and significant bluish hematoma on the knee, and older bruises.

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It’s the ballistics expert’s turn to dissect the dynamics of this deadly group shot. He points to the dangerousness of the small revolver. The ammunition used was unsuitable for this alarm cannon intended to clear intruders but not to kill them.

He was succeeded by an even sharper expert, in shot powder and residues, searched for by electron microscope. These swarmed in the air before settling on the hands and becoming embedded in the clothes. The expert detected hundreds of these residues and estimated a shooting distance. Madame fired point blank in the kitchen.

However, it does not stick. The accused is not impulsive assures a shrink duo. She is a self-effacing woman, plagued by financial difficulties and emotionally exhausted, brooding over her marriage. Why this choice so radical? Why not have consulted a lawyer to divorce? “She is naturally anxious. Suffers from a depressive fragility for a long time, and from an alcohol use disorder ”. One avenue has been put forward: this fragility, associated with low self-esteem, did not allow her to see other outcomes, it limits her ability to manage a conflict situation.

Anyway, this event traumatized this loving mother and granny, fusional and devoted to her family. The two shrinks are clear: she is genuine, does not manipulate. His act is linked to a context of extreme violence. The risk of recurrence is zero. As soon as it is committed, the crime is regretted. That evening, two steps from her dejected husband, she cried, dazed, lost. What did she do? It was only a few hours later, in the police station, that she realized the irreversibility of her gesture. And she screamed.

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“Alcohol, it took everything from us”

Murder in Sorinnes: a defendant weakened by depression
“I lost my father,” the eldest daughter testified, “I don’t want to lose my mother.”

EdA – Florent Marot

A strong moment, a painful exercise, which sheds a harsh light on what happened. Tuesday, at the beginning of the afternoon, the eldest daughter of the infernal couple is at the helm to plunge back into the life before the tragedy, then in the terror of this bloody evening. She unwraps everything with volubility, in a confident voice. His objectivity and composure are impressive. She became a civil party, a rare occurrence, will intervene without a lawyer.

This little woman is strong and courageous. It has always protected and intervened. She lacked nothing. Happy childhood, but she saw her father hit her mother and mistreat her like a m…., And she will be the first to find him lying down, with blood in his mouth.

It was she who immediately dealt with the horror while her brothers badly accuse the shock. She manages to describe without hatred and without bias this loving father “Who had a good heart but a funny character.” This father who never stopped drinking, bullying and belittling his mother, this cream of a woman who needed love.

“He often said he was going to kill her. He had the art of hurting her. But it was still my daddy. It’s complicated to be caught between the two. ”

Her parents were locked in a self-defeating love-hate relationship, “difficult to explain”. “Before, mom was silent, she picked up. Then it was a competition of insults, it had to come to the hands, alcohol took everything away from us ”.

She went to see her mother in prison. “I was moved to see her again. I do not forgive but I understand her. And I love her. I lost my father, I don’t want to lose my mother. I hope we can rebuild ourselves, move on, move forward, and that mom will always be there. ”

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Since her mother was released from prison, life has resumed, calm has returned.

“I’m not mean”

What happened on May 1, 2019, between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Amélie, the eldest daughter: “The TV was going strong. I didn’t hear the shots, but something fall. A strange noise. I said to myself: what are they still doing? Mom came down, she was decomposed. She said: “I killed dad, he won’t mistreat me anymore”. A little later, as the police take her away, she will have these words recalls the eldest daughter: “I’m not mean though. She was really lost. ”

A candle, in the cemetery

The hardest part is for the couple’s grandson. He asks questions: When is she coming back, granny? And grandpa? The answers are heart-breaking. “Every week, I go with him to the cemetery, burn a candle, and he tells him about his week.”

A destroyed life

On the evening of the events, the vase really overflowed. There was one drop too much which took everything away. “I thought it would have been the other way around, that I was going to have to protect my mother from my father’s violence. It destroyed his life and we are forever changed. ”

The couple’s two sons also testified, with a more choppy flow. Their childhood? Happy. Their father? Generous, hardworking, who knew how to do everything with his hands. But also a man to whom we have never given a soap. Which has never been cropped, their sister said. “We called in the police. But, as soon as there, my father was like a charm, and it ended there. Nothing has been done to prevent this tragedy. ”

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