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A decent smart watch doesn’t have to cost two thousand. Or even less

So far, Realme has introduced the new watch globally or for Europe. Czech prices and availability have not yet been published by the domestic branch, but we can relatively easily derive them from European prices. Realme is very ambitious and is starting to form the whole ecosystem of its products. Like Xiaomi, which is the main competitor for the young brand.

Realme will also sell a robotic vacuum cleaner, plan other products for the smart home and the Internet of Things, and there will also be a tablet and laptop. However, the brand is only announcing them so far, it has not specifically introduced them. But it is likely that these will be cost-effective products and that they will also be sold on the Czech market.

The newest watches are the new Watch 2 and Watch 2 Pro watches, which are already sold in some markets. There are no fundamental differences between them, they differ mainly in size and price. Smaller Watch 2 will cost 55 euros in Europe, which is about 1,450 crowns. Watch 2 Pro will cost 75 euros, which is 1,950 CZK.

It can be expected with great probability that such prices will also apply to the Czech market. Previous model Watch it costs just less than 1,500 crowns. The brand also offers more luxurious model S Pro a cheap bracelet.

And what can we expect for these amounts? Very well equipped smart watch that does not play with luxury. The design is by no means original, it is a style Apple Watch. The bodies are plastic, but this makes sense for cheap watches.

The smaller ones have a 1.4-inch touch screen, the Watch 2 Pro model has a larger panel with a 1.75-inch diagonal and a resolution of 320 x 385 pixels. The display should be easy to read even in the sun, its brightness is 600 nits. The larger model has a battery with a capacity of 390 mAh and the manufacturer promises up to 14 days. The smaller model should last up to 12 days.

The novelty is 90 sports modes, the previous model Watch could only 16 of them. Both watches can measure heart rate and blood oxygenation. The more expensive model then has a dual GPS, which is more accurate. There are over 100 different display skins to choose from, and both models meet IP68 protection, so they are durable and suitable for swimming.

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