Apple watch 7 objednte from 8. jna, koupte from ptku 15. jna

Information began to appear in the summer that Apple was having problems with the production of the seven generations of Watch watches, and that their premiere and sale would be justified. In the end, Apple did not postpone the premiere, but the sale started and in the middle of June, ie msc after the premiere. […]

Then you can order a copy of the Apple Watch Series 7

In connection with Apple’s September event was shown Apple Watch Series 7 up, but we received no concrete information about when the new watch will go on sale. Now Apple announces that it will be possible to pre-order the watch from Friday at 14.00. Then the official sales start will take place on October 15. […]

Leaked photos show the Apple Watch Series 7 in the wild

First Real-World Look Shows Apple Watch Series 7 Amid Rumors of Imminent Launch by @SamiFathi_ — (@MacRumors) October 3, 2021 Macrumors has been able to take part in photographs that are alleged to show the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 in the open air. The photos were first posted on a Facebook […]

Apple releases bug fixes for iOS 15 and Ipad OS 15

Apple released iOS 15.0.1 and iPad OS 15.0.1 to the public on Friday night. The focus this time is exclusively on bug and security fixes, among other things fixed the incorrect calculations regarding the amount of available storage space. In addition, a problem is fixed that made it impossible to unlock the iPhone 13 using […]

Apple Watch Series 7, Comes with a Wider Screen – Along with the launch of the iPhone 13 Series, iPad 9th generation and iPad Mini, Apple also introduced the latest Watch Series 7 smartwatch. While the new iPhone 13 Series devices tend to be ordinary and minimal changes, the new Apple Watch Series 7 looks more obvious with updates. Just like the updated […]

All news launched at Apple’s Iphone event (September 2021)

Tim Cook and company had a lot of news to show off during Tuesday’s Apple event. Of course, the focus was on new mobile phones, but we also got to see new models of Ipad and Ipad Mini, as well as the Apple Watch Series 7. However, the third generation Airpods shone with their absence, […]

Apple releases new beta version of Watch OS 8

On Tuesday night, Apple released the eighth pre-release version of Watch OS 8 to developers and other beta testers. There do not seem to be any major changes compared to previous beta versions, so expect that the focus now is on optimizing the operating system and overcoming various bugs. Read more: The most important news […]

Apple Confirms iPhone 13 Release on September 14

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Apple has set the launch date of its new product on September 14th. That’s when the company, headquartered in Cupertino, United States, will launch the iPhone 13 line and other products, such as the Apple Watch. “Apple show. Catch the show on 14/9 at 10am PDT. Watch the show online at […]

Apple Will Cram Lots of Features in Their Watches, What Are?

Thursday, 02 September 2021 – 22:09 WIB Apple Watch series 4. Foto: Apple – Apple will cram a lot of features on the Apple Watch, such as measuring blood pressure, temperature, bedtime, and blood sugar. Some of the new features planned for release in 2022 will involve adding a new sensor on the Apple […]