A dead man in the clashes of a football match in Argentina

One person died in clashes during a football match in Argentina.

Chaos at the La Plata stadium – AFP


the essentials in short

  • Dozens of injured spectators.

According to the hospital, the 57-year-old suffered cardiac arrest on Thursday. According to the media, dozens of spectators had to be transported to the hospital.

The riots began outside the stadium in the city of La Plata, south of Buenos Aires, when around 10,000 people tried to enter the already full stadium. Police used rubber bullets and tear gas to repel the crowd.

When the tear gas reached the stadium, the game was stopped. Some spectators ran onto the pitch to escape the tear gas and violence, as the stadium entrances were still closed by the police.

On Saturday 131 people were killed in a stampede to Indonesia. There, too, the police used tear gas against the fans.

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