NEVER BACK DOWN – neues Album “Downfall” 07.10.22

Whether it’s a Twitch Ifa celebrity feature (30,000 Twitch followers), over 160,000 streams on previous singles or an editorial playlist, NEVER BACK DOWN has a lot to offer with their new album!

The record describes a very personal journey, so all the lyrics come from personal experiences ranging from loss and loneliness to moments of friendship filled with hope.

After they already have with the dimensions of the scene such as eg. ANY GIVEN DAY, RISE OR THE NORTHSTAR or THY ART IS MURDER shared the stage and with their latest album “Overdrive” reached over 450,000 streams on Spotify alone, this strong album continues the journey to metal core heaven!

The single Focus from the release of the album “Fear Of Failure” is about the daily fear of failure and not being enough.

To combat these feelings and recognize their worth, NEVER BACK DOWN have reached the next level of their development. A powerful blend of clean melodic vocals and skillful shouts makes the single another catchy tune that easily fits into any metal core playlist and still stands out positively with the character’s clean vocals.

True to the motto: “We are the ones who will stay”, the band is reaching for the stars of the central sky with their new album “Downfall”, which was again produced by Timo Bonner of OUR MIRAGE and ALLEVATE.

The band also took this as an opportunity to further refine their style so that they could transport their experiences in even more detail.

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