A cold front is rushing to the Czechia, bringing with it frost and snow!

According to meteorologists, the cold front should strike on Friday. Therefore, do not forget to prepare in time and remove winter jackets and beanies from the closet. And gardeners also probably have the last few days to prepare for winter.

Already on Friday morning, it will freeze in many places in the Czech Republic. Temperatures can drop up to 4 degrees below zero. From the middle positions, the ground is hit by mixed precipitation or snowfall. As meteorologists warn, it should slide on the roads over the weekend. Especially on Sundays, icing can form after freezing precipitation.

The snow will most likely stay in the mountains and we can start betting if it will last all winter. According to meteorologists, the key will be whether the inversion will return at the turn of November and December, and with it the flow of warm air. So far, it’s 50 to 50.


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