80 Percent of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE specifications are the same as the regular version, choose which one?

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Photo: Said Sofian

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Some time ago, Samsung launched its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20 FE in Indonesia.

Even though it has the cheapest price in the Galaxy S20 Series line, the specifications of the S20 FE are hardly different from the regular Galaxy S20.

Samsung Mobile Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia Taufiqul Furqan explained, about the features brought on the Galaxy S20 FE is only slightly different than the regular Galaxy S20.

In fact, Taufiq said, almost 80 percent of the features on the regular Galaxy S20 are also on the Galaxy S20 FE

“As a percentage, 80 percent of all the features on the regular Galaxy S20 are on the Galaxy S20 FE. For example, there is no difference between the wiresless charger, the camera and the processor it carries,” Taufiq said in the Galaxy S20 FE Media interview via virtual video, Tuesday (10/20 ).

He explained that the camera differences brought by the Galaxy S20 FE are on the telephoto sensor, where the Galaxy S20 FE is only 8MP and the regular Galaxy S20 is 64MP.

However, he said, the Galaxy S20 FE is superior to the 32MP front camera, while the Galaxy S20 is only 10MP.

This was done because the Galaxy S20 FE is indeed to support the needs of millennials.


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