7 years imprisonment for the owner of a health club for negligence, which caused the death of two girls

Al-Nuzha Misdemeanor Court sentenced, today, Thursday, the owner of a health club in the park, to 7 years in prison for negligence that caused the death of two girls after a fire broke out inside the unlicensed facility.

The district official exploded a surprise about the accident, including that the health club in which the fire occurred was previously closed last December, but its owner opened it again in violation of the closure decision.

The district official added, in front of the Nozha Prosecution, that the health club is a commercial activity, and one of the conditions for commercial activities is that they be on the ground floor or the first floor, which does not apply to the place in which the accident occurred, indicating that the deceased Filipino worker did not obtain a license To practice the profession, as it is required before employing foreigners in a commercial activity to obtain approval from the Ministry of Manpower.

The beginning was when the Nozha Police Department received a report of a fire inside a health club on the fifth floor in the Nozha area, and the Civil Protection immediately moved to the site of the fire, and the fire was controlled, and a girl and a Filipina worker were suffocated to death from the emission of smoke from the fire inside it.

Investigations and investigations revealed that the victim, Nada, a bride, who had not been married for months, went to the health club to do physiotherapy sessions, and a fire broke out inside the health club, and someone tried to rescue her, but he failed and she and a Filipino woman working in the health club died.

The Nuzha Prosecution office moved to the scene of the accident, and it became clear from the health club’s inspection that it was located on the fifth floor, and was completely charred as a result of the fire, as the investigations showed that it was not licensed, and the prosecution ordered the owner of the health club to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigation, and ordered the assignment of the criminal laboratory to inspect the fire And to determine its causes, and the prosecution ordered an autopsy of the two girls’ corpses to explain the cause of death, and requested the investigations bureau to investigate the incident.

The investigations of the Nuzha Prosecution Office, headed by Counselor Ismail Hafeez, revealed a surprise in the incident of a fire that broke out in a health club, which resulted in the death of two girls, as it turned out that the place was not licensed, and Moataz Zakaria, Director of the Nozha Prosecution, is investigating its owner and charged with negligence and managing a place without a license.


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