COVID-19 Symptoms: Coughing & Prevention Tips for Cough Relief – Jakarta, Jakarta – There are three main symptoms that can appear in patients COVID-19, namely coughing, high fever and shortness of breath. This makes the symptoms of someone exposed to the corona virus similar to the common cold, only accompanied by shortness of breath, which can be fatal.

Both the common cold and COVID-19 Both are caused by viruses that attack the human respiratory tract.

In particular, the cough experienced by COVID-19 positive patients is a dry cough.

In general, coughs can heal by themselves in a short period of time.

However, coughing in COVID-19 patients can cause serious complications, such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, severe pneumonia (lung infection), pulmonary edema, and failure in the function of body organs, such as the kidneys.

To prevent your cough from getting worse, avoid consuming certain foods and drinks, such as milk and dairy products, dry biscuits, soda drinks, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Apart from that, to relieve coughs, you can also consume several types of fruit. What are they? has summarized from various sources, fruit that is suitable for treating coughs, which is one of the symptoms of exposure virus coronaMonday (6/4/2020).

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