7-year-old girl slaughtered in a public park while calling mom

Little Emily, 7, was slaughtered while she was in a public park with her dad and mom jogging.

Emily he lost his life alone 7 years with the only fault of being in a public park of Bolton, United Kingdom along with his dad and mom jogging nearby.

The little girl was slaughtered and died shortly after a woman got them cut his throat with a knife he had with him.

Emily slit her throat with a small knife

It was the March 22 this year, around two in the afternoon, when the baby’s father Emily he decided to take his daughter to the Queen’s Park of Bolton, in UK. Emily’s mom, Sarah he was nearby, in the same public park, jogging and listening to music with headphones in his ears.

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Emily quietly drove around the park in a small children’s scooter, kept an eye on by her mom as she ran by. Near them, in the same park Eltiona Skana, 30, was sitting on a bench and carrying a utility knife. In a split second the tragedy: the little girl on her scooter saw her mother passing by in the distance and went to meet her calling her loudly. But Sarah had headphones with music and he didn’t hear it.

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At that point, Emily passed by the bench where Eltiona is sitting, that he took out his pocket knife and cut the girl’s throat. The doctors then determined that given the wound caused by Skana, Emily could not have been saved in any way and is dead slaughtered.

Eltiona Skana, originally from Albania, later stated that she bought that pocketknife on the same day as Emily’s death. The woman admitted his responsibility, but continued on deny that it is voluntary homicide. Also considering Skana has suffered and suffers from mental disorders, she will now stay at Manchester Court determine whether it is voluntary homicide or not.

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