Patti: mayors have called for modern and efficient healthcare during the pandemic emergency –

There are dysfunctions and inefficiencies in the local health system in this difficult health emergency that we are experiencing. The mayors of the D30 health district of Patti denounced this in a note sent to the president of the Nello Musumeci Region, the regional councilor for health Ruggero Razza and the general manager of the Asp 5 of Messina Paolo La Paglia.

The serious delays in communicating the results of the swabs carried out by the Usca are unsustainable and all this entails very heavy repercussions on a psychological, social and economic level for families in isolation, especially those with low income. For the mayors it is necessary to improve, first of all, the functionality of the analysis laboratory of the “Cutroni Zodda” hospital in Barcelona, ​​with 24-hour operation, equipping it with adequate staff and integrating existing instruments. The same must be done at the laboratory of the University Hospital of Messina, to give an adequate response to the growing number of swabs to be processed.

The prevention department must then be strengthened at the “Barone Romeo” hospital in Patti which, given the scarcity of operators, is unable to dispose of the enormous amount of work resulting from the number of infections with the necessary timeliness. The announced strengthening of the Usca, the special assistance continuity units, must be implemented immediately, to restore home health care that has been sensationally lacking, with serious inconvenience for the weakest categories: the elderly, the lonely and those who have pre-existing pathologies. From here, diagnostic and therapeutic checks must be resumed at home.

Finally, the mayors reported the lack or scarcity of the essential personal protective equipment. It is paradoxical that all this happens, when in the municipality of Librizzi, one of the three operational centers of civil protection was set up which deals with the storage and distribution of all the sanitary material needed by the Sicilian ASPs. It was requested to immediately review the device distribution system, authorizing the medical directors of the hospitals in the province to collect the material assigned to them directly from this center, thus optimizing both procurement times and costs.

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