Rugby. Top 14: Clermont takes place in Castres

Relatively spared by international games, ASM Clermont grapples in this first part of the Top 14 season, truncated by the health crisis.

The Clermontois overthrew Castres Olympique, Friday in Pierre-Fabre, at the opening of the 10th day.

A success acquired in the second half

Led by one point at the break, ASM took the upper hand in the second half, taking advantage in particular of a double numerical inferiority on the Tarn side.

Thanks to a test by their Japanese winger Kotaro Matsushima in the last ten minutes, the Auvergnats even offered themselves the offensive bonus, for the third victory in the club’s history at Castres.

While waiting for the catching up of late matches, Franck Azéma’s men take their ease at the top of the ranking.

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