5 tips from a professional to resume sport in confinement


–>Maxence Hardoin is a high level athlete, several finalists in the French championships over 3000 meters steeplechase, and a sports coach.

Maxence Hardoin is a high level athlete, several times finalist in the French championships over 3000 meters steeplechase, and sports coach. (©DR)

At home or within a radius of a kilometer from home, it is still possible to practice a sporting activity despite the exceptional context. But how to (re) get into sport in the best conditions during confinement? Maxence Hardoin, high level athlete, physical trainer and personal trainer at Caen (Calvados), list the five golden rules.

1. Set a goal

Mainly for the motivational aspect. Without motivation, it is much more difficult to impose a session since we do not really know for what purpose we are doing it. The small bonus would be to be able to verify this objective, in the short, medium and long term. (1 week – 3 weeks – at the end of confinement). And of course, be on a “achievable” goal. During this confinement, do not hope to become the next Dorian of Koh Lanta! But tell yourself that he held on without food during his trek.

2. Programmer

Make an appointment with yourself or with friends by “visio”. It’s like the aperovisio but to do good for your body by removing stress, toxins, and other worries. You do well for a drink so don’t make us believe that you can’t for sport… Start with two meetings a week and add a session after two or three weeks if you hold on until then.

3. Progressivity

There is no point in wanting to do 200 push-ups, 500 sit-ups right away or to have the best time on the lap of your neighborhood (for STRAVA regulars). Take the time to increase the load of your sessions, add a few repetitions per session or one set each week. Add one session every two weeks to make sure your body adapts properly to the new pace you set for yourself. The duration will also be progressive, 30 ‘at the beginning to reach 50’ to 1 hour after two weeks. Do not hesitate to vary the content of your sessions. The variability of the exercises makes it possible to keep a level of mental alert and therefore an important motivation to avoid any risk of monotony. Above all, before the very beginning of the session, remember to warm up! Too often this step is neglected, which prepares the body and mind for intense efforts.

4. Hygiene

Without necessarily being in excess. Don’t say to yourself “I did my sport for the day so I can make a family couscous !!” “You have to keep in mind the basic principle of” entry and exit “, what I eat versus what I spend. With this in mind, you can also optimize your nutritional balance. We were talking about video aperitif earlier, hydration should not be neglected either. Here, we will not take the lead with a precise amount according to your weight or according to your body composition (on average the body is made up of 60 to 70% water). I suggest that you drink a glass of water regularly (every 30′-40 ‘). There is no point in drinking a full bottle of water at the end of your sport, the human body cannot assimilate more than a liter of water per hour. So apart from spending your time evacuating the excess … Hydrate regularly but not abundantly!

5. Recovery

Certainly one of the main aspects, along with progressiveness, that should not be overlooked. Rest ! After a workout, we create microtrauma in our body. The body will therefore put in place different means to rebuild and replenish our muscles and other systems. There is no point in making tons! On the one hand, you risk getting disgusted and therefore quickly going back to aperitifs, and on the other hand, you risk injuring yourself. Adopt a rhythm of life with times of going to bed, getting up, eating meals, on a regular basis. The body is sensitive to the slightest change of rhythm and therefore will be more tired and irritable if you don’t have a habit of life.

One last thing that is important during this new confinement and which is one of the last freedoms we have. Don’t stay locked up! Go outside, get some fresh air, while respecting the rules in place. But take advantage of this free hour in this one kilometer perimeter around your home. Regarding the resumption of physical activity, do not hesitate to seek advice from sports coaches who are competent to provide you with more details and will respond to your more personal requests. Every human being is different and does not have the same sensitivity to effort.

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