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A middle school in Malaysia recently reported a horrific incident of a campus haunting and five female students being collectively possessed, causing people to panic. However, according to a local Chinese state legislator, the whole incident was finally brought under control.

According to reports from Malaysia’s “Oriental Daily News” and other media, social media widely spread rumors that a middle school in Port Dickson, the only seaport in Negeri Sembilan, is haunted. It is understood that five students suddenly cried violently and became “hysterical” on campus. This phenomenon made other students feel very scared.

According to a statement issued by the local Education Department, which also confirmed the incident, the statement pointed out that the collective evil incident occurred on December 4. Three of the five female students were Malays and the other two were Indians. Although it only involves Indian and Malay students, some parents of Chinese students, who would rather believe that they have it than believe that they don’t have it, also go to the Chinese temple to ask for amulets for their children to carry with them to school. The school also immediately invited religious teachers to pray for the students immediately after the incident. In addition to stabilizing the conditions of several hysterical female students, it also calmed the emotions of other affected students. At present, the whole incident has been put down.

The statement also called on all walks of life, especially parents, not to worry too much, as the school is always taking response measures to prevent further students from being affected. According to the local Chinese state assemblyman Zhu Jianhua, after he learned about the situation from the Port Dickson Education Department, the Education Department stated that after learning from the school, the incident was true. On the other hand, some students reported that this school is often haunted. In fact, cases of “mass hysteria” are often heard on Malaysian campuses.

According to a report by Sin Chew Daily, in 2020, a mass hysteria incident occurred among students at a middle school in Kluang, Johor, causing the school to clear all classes in that grade and dismissal early. It is understood that this is not the first time a mass hysteria incident has occurred in this school . In 2016, at a middle school in Pengkalan, Penang, hundreds of teachers and students fell into a state of “lost souls” and claimed that they were possessed by ghosts. Rumors of ghost encounters spread widely, and the entire campus was panicked.

Regarding the “mass poisoning” incident, the BBC has previously quoted experts as saying that this is a kind of crazy behavior that suddenly spreads among the crowd for no reason. The symptoms are usually fainting, abnormal heartbeat, headache, nausea, trembling, and epilepsy. So far, there is no real explanation for the cause of this phenomenon, but Simon Wessely, a psychiatrist at King’s College Hospital in London, believes that it is a “collective behavior” disorder, and the spread of this phenomenon is mainly due to from psychological and social factors.

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A middle school in Malaysia recently reported that the campus was haunted and five female students were collectively possessed by a terrifying incident, causing people to panic. (Picture/reproduced from China News Malaysia Facebook)

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