4 Ways to Prevent Neck Pain for You Most of the Online Schools and WFH

HAI-Online.com – Pandemic corona virus which forces most people to maximize time at home.

This makes a person spend more time staring at a cellphone or laptop screen.

Moreover, the situation of working from home or work from home (WFH) increases the duration of staring at the screen and allows one to experience a “tech neck”.

Namely symptoms such as pain neck, upper back pain and stiffness, muscle spasms, shoulder pain, to headaches.

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These symptoms can creep up quickly and be painful. Matthew Cooper, CEO of USA Sports Therapy, as quoted by Healthline, said that Tech neck is produced from a body position that is often assumed unconsciously when looking at the screen.

“In this position, the chin is lifted forward, the shoulders are forward, and often neck bent around looking at cell phones, keyboards, and / or computers for long periods of time, “he says.

How to prevent?

Here are four ways to prevent this condition, including:

1. Workplace

Instead of providing a place for good posture, many people work from the dining table, sofa, even the bed.

“I often advise my patients about preparing a more appropriate workplace to avoid injury or reduce pain,” says Enriquez.

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