Reduce Anxiety in Pandemic Times with Mindfulness

CNN Indonesia, CNN Indonesia | Thursday, 26/11/2020 09:59 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Anxiety is one of the problems that society still faces in the face of pandemics. One of the most frequently mentioned ways to reduce stress and relieve anxiety is with Mindfulness. This technique has become popular in the last decade, not only […]

Bio Farma Called There Are No Obstacles In The Distribution Of Corona Vaccines In RI

Monitor the latest Covid-19 Data and Information in Indonesia on microsite Katadata ini. Development coronavirus vaccine in America and Russia is quite encouraging. Three companies in the two countries claim their vaccines are effective at preventing Covid-19. Even though it is still in the third phase of clinical trials, Pfizer Inc said the experimental results […]

Cellular Techniques in the Creation of Covid Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines

After Pfizer, Moderna claims the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine has reached 94.5 percent. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, by Lintar Satria, Fergi Nadira, Puti Souls, Preliminary data from the US pharmaceutical company Moderna, released Monday (16/11), showed that the new vaccine to protect against Covid-19 was nearly 94.5 percent effective. These results put the US at the forefront […]

Keep Track of Child Development

loading… JAKARTA – Indonesia is a country with the highest Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for children due to COVID-19 in Asia Pacific (IDAI, 2020). Even though it is not the most at risk group, data shows that children can also be infected with the COVID-19 virus (CDC, 2020), so it is necessary to take precautions […]

Three Important Things to Boost Immunity

loading… JAKARTA – Take care immunity indispensable during this pandemic. The right diet, regular exercise, and adopting good living habits are believed to increase immunity. During the Covid-19 pandemic like today, immunity is very important to make someone avoid disease. Medical Senior Manager of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, Dr. Dedyanto Henky Saputra MGizi, explained that […]

Study in UK Finds Some People Have Covid-19 Antibodies

Monitor the latest Covid-19 Data and Information in Indonesia on microsite Katadata ini. Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and University College London found that some people, especially children, have antibodies to them Covid-19. Even though they have never been infected with the virus. These antibodies may form from exposure corona virus others that cause […]

Live Healthy and Stop Smoking to Avoid the Worst Impact of Covid-19 – Ministry of Health data records show a higher risk of dying from COVID-19 due to comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. This means that non-communicable diseases are not a minor problem. Handling also requires the help of a reliable specialist. “It is necessary to pay attention to the risk of heart […]

The Covid-19 Vaccine Capacity Is Only Enough For Half of the World Population

Monitor the latest Covid-19 Data and Information in Indonesia on microsite Katadata ini. Various countries are competing to develop coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine is considered capable of being terminated pandemic which has been running for eight months. However, Head of the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology Amin Soebandrio said world production capacity would not be […]

Today Indonesia is officially in recession, the last time is 22 years ago

Jakarta – Indonesia officially recession lagi after it happened in 1998 or 22 years ago. Indonesia recession because the realization of economic growth was minus 3.49% in the third quarter of 2020. A recession is two or more consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. The realization of Indonesia’s economic growth in the second quarter of […]

Stay Safe to Visit the Hospital during the Pandemic

loading… JAKARTA – Hospitals are one of the places that are often avoided during this pandemic. Worries will catch Covid-19 to be the cause. Even though some routine checks and immunizations for your little one must be carried out. How to get around hospital visits to stay safe? Entering the middle of the year, the […]